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Posted: October 1, 2011 in Blog
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Life is still busy here in the Johnson household. We have a newborn at home who sleeps great, but not as much as I would like. Our remodeling project is going fast, but not as fast as I would like. Not to mention all the work involved with the kids. The grandparents are helping, but not like I want them to. The church is learning, loving, and growing in Christ, but not fast enough. Really, I am finding myself doing the very thing that I hate… Complaining. If you are honest with yourself the grumble bug has bitten you at times as well.

Yes, life is hard, but it is how one views life that is important. Putting on rose colored lenses is not the answer, nor is the all too simplistic solution of positive thinking. I can think I’m happy all day long, but in the end I will be deluded and unhappy with a plastic smile. Complaining does not add anything to ones experience, either than the misery of telling everyone why life is so hard.

What is the solution? Well, I want to say, “Stop Complaining!” That is what I have told myself. More than that though is the consideration of Jesus, holding to him as the one who brings genuine meaning to life, clinging to the one who can bring us to peace with God. Consider Jesus Christ, the apostle and high priest of those who share in Christ, and the heavenly calling through Christ (cf. Heb 3:1-6).

The confession that a person in Christ holds to teaches that Jesus was faithful to all that God the Father appointed him to do. Trusting in Jesus is trusting in the one who has been given all authority because of his faithfulness. When I complain I am not considering Jesus, who is authoritatively in control of the circumstance in which I find displeasure. Instead grumbling displays that I am considering myself and am dissatisfied with my lack of control, or I am lamenting my Saviors sovereign rule as supreme Lord over all.

In the end neither option is how a child of God must walk. I am rebuked yet again in my foolish complaining. Consider Jesus, you saints of the Lord, and know that he is faithful in all of God’s house to work and will his good pleasure. Consider Jesus and know that he is in control and that in your circumstance he is providing you a chance to strengthen your faith. Like Abraham, brothers, let us grow strong in our faith, giving glory to God, fully convinced that God will do what he has promised (cf. Rom 4:19-21).