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Ad Extra 3-5-15

Posted: March 5, 2015 in Ad Extra

The Desiring God Ministries blog has an encouragement from Jon Bloom to be faithful a evangelists. Here is a helpful little article that has challenged me in personal evangelism. Evangelism is not easy nor does it come naturally to many of us, nevertheless we are called in Christ to be witnesses to the world of the love of Jesus.

My good friend Andy Barlow posted this interview with Tom Schreiner regarding baptism. I found this an excellent interview in helping us understand the importance of baptism.

Yet another DGM link from Tony Reinke in an article that goes along with my Work, Rest, & Laziness series

Ad Extra 2-10-15

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Ad Extra

Here are a few more blog & articles I’ve found useful…

Conformed to the Image of Christ — This lab from John Piper is a fruitful engagement with Romans 8:29. These labs from Desiring God Ministries has many uses for times of study and prayer, times of digging deeper into a particular passage, along with modeling how one should approach the Scriptures.

Yes Men — Carl Truman posts a good article on the Mortification of Spin blog engaging with the necessity for accountability in our lives. This isn’t only necessary for elders, but also for any who call Christ their Savior.

Is The Church Full of Hypocrites? — an article by RC Sproul — “About thirty years ago, my close friend and colleague, Archie Parrish, who at that time led the Evangelism Explosion (EE) program in Fort Lauderdale, came to me with a request. He indicated that on the thousands of evangelistic visits the EE teams made, they kept a record of responses people made to discussions of the gospel. They collated the most frequent questions and objections people raised about the Christian faith and grouped these inquiries or objections into the ten most frequently encountered. Dr. Parrish asked if I would write a book answering those objections for evangelists to use in their outreach. That effort resulted in my book Objections Answered, now called Reason to Believe. Among the top ten objections raised was the objection that the church is filled with hypocrites. At that point in time, Dr. D. James Kennedy responded to this objection by replying, “Well, there’s always room for one more.” He cautioned people that if they found a perfect church, they ought not to join it, since that would ruin it.”

Ad Extra February 2nd 2015

Posted: February 2, 2015 in Ad Extra, Blog

Ad Extra this week is a smattering of different blogs & bloggers from around the internet. Take the time to read the articles attached to these links and contemplate many of the things they challenge the church in.

TGC: Church on Fire–An article on the persecution of modern day church in Niger. This article gives a real life example of Hebrews 10:34. “Some in our neighborhood were not spared. One Christian brother whose home and place of worship were looted and burned, had the crowds calling for his crucifixion (since he had preached the gospel on national television) as the flames rose. Thankfully, the Lord had also allowed him to leave minutes before the mobs arrived. Another of my Nigerien friends who pastors a local church lost all his family’s belongings, including his home and place of worship, even family birth certificates, but would only repeat, “This is such a blessing, because God promised these things would come. Now the church will grow.””

Tim Challies: 7 Lessons from 50 Shades of Grey–A challenging look at the cultural movement to accept what is unholy. “Many of us are so bound up in the culture in which we live that we aren’t even beginning to be shocked by material that a generation ago would have left a significant proportion of the congregation gasping for air. It’s not just a problem out there in the world, but a problem within the church as well.”

The Briefing–Dr. Mohler always does an excellent job of engaging as a Christian in a world that is opposed to God. Take the time to listen to Dr. Mohler’s interaction with news and other things that effect us as Christians.