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Aliens With Purpose

Posted: October 28, 2015 in Ad Extra, Blog
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It would seem for many that Missions has become some sort of religious ad extra, or above and beyond the call of a Christian. If it isn’t expressly thought of in this manner, it appears to be the functional outworking for most Christians. Missions has fallen secondary to church growth, and even tertiary to security & happiness; it has become an activity reserved for the very-special-elite-Christian. For many it is an option for the Christian life and not a mandate.

Why is this? Maybe it has to do with how Missions and Missionaries are defined. Missions is often viewed as the task of taking the gospel to a foreign nation, and a Missionary is the one who goes. While this isn’t wrong, the mission of the church is so much greater. Maybe it has to do with the rebranding of missions, as all that a Christian does, effectively removing any legitimate missional functional in a Christian’s life. Maybe it has to do with the human condition, where the path of least resistance is most traveled. Maybe it has to do with the domestication of godliness, whereby godliness comes through inoffensive-middle-class-morality, rather than faithfulness to the mandate of the gospel.

Missions is wider than church planting in a foreign nation, and it is narrower than any and everything a Christian does. Missions is the work of serving others in the gospel, irrespective of location. For Christians, it shouldn’t be a question whether or not we do missions, instead it needs to be a question of when, how, and where. The question of being a missionary was answered when you came to faith in Jesus Christ–not meaning you must move to Timbuktu, but recognizing the Christian’s call in the gospel.

Don’t get me wrong, there is something phenomenal and very special about someone leaving their native land to bring the gospel to a foreign land. There is great beauty in living a life as a sojourner in the eyes of the world. But we must remember, once we come to faith in Jesus Christ, this earth is no longer our home. We are but sojourners in a foreign land. We are missionaries on the mission field no matter where we live.

ToyStoryAliensAs sojourners—aliens remaining with purpose—the question isn’t, ‘who is and who isn’t a missionary, a pastor, and then merely a normal Christians?’ Rather, we’ve all been placed into the mission of Christ as Christians. Not everyone is an overseas-missionary, or even a vocational minister, but everyone is called to bring the gospel, to be missional in their lives, as part of the work of Christ, seeking to fulfill the work of Christ here on earth.

Has God called you to a foreign land? If not, then where are you called to minister as a sojourner? In what way has the Spirit of God blessed you to serve in the gospel? Where are you doing the work of the ministry?

Ad Extra–3-24-15

Posted: March 24, 2015 in Ad Extra

After listening to Dr. Albert Mohler’s, The Briefing, on 3-20-15 I read this article from the New York Times that he commentated on. Here is a disturbingly insightful article regarding our education system and moral structures in our country. Take the time and read this opinion piece that has good insight from a most unlikely source.

Another DGM blog article, which is excellent in considering why we complain. The simple answer is we complain because we forget…

This podcast on the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals blog page has Nancy Guthrie as a guest. Nancy, and David her husband, have a fantastic ministry of theologically centered-tender care in dealing with suffering, loss, and grief.

When thinking about human relationships there will always be a bitter sweet reality accompanying them. Ray Ortland has a very useful article on how we might guard and repair these relationships. Seven Ways We Can Guard And Repair Relationships

Friday’s episode of the Briefing was sent to me by Kevin Dickey, as a timely warning of the increasing opposition to anything that might disagree with the secular age in America.  This issues has the potential to effect us right where we live. The Briefing 3-6-15

From RC Sproul, at Ligonier Ministries, comes an article published in TableTalk, which engages with grace as he asks what is grace? He defines the essence of grace as its voluntary free bestowal by God. What is Grace?