Loving One Another

Posted: April 23, 2018 in Blog
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Even though love for a particular person, or people, is sometimes easier than for others, followers of Christ are not called to ‘let love be genuine’ only to those for whom it is easy to love. Venturing outside biblically defined bounds of genuine love turns it into a squishy and nebulous force ushering from the seat of emotion.

Ill defined and emotionally driven love becomes fickle and empty. Not only is it a ill defined phenomena, it almost always becomes an ideal of romantic love. The notion of true love then becomes a one in a million incident only found by the fortunate. 

Love is so much more than romance. We are to let love be genuine and extend beyond the base level hormone response.

Followers of Christ are called to love their brothers in Christ, with great frequency. Loving brothers and sisters in Christ will not always come naturally, at times it will be a distinct challenge. Truthfully, genuine love is almost always a challenge, even for those to whom emotion compels strong affection.

Love based upon emotions, and not something solid, leads to disaster. One moment you love, the next moment you’re hangry, and your emotive center doesn’t feel the same until you get some BBQ Pork. 

A true challenge for love is for those whom are brothers in Christ, culture doesn’t communicate the need for genuine love, rather it is more fitted to propelling a mercenary love. What I mean by this is that others are viewed as a means to an end, and as expendable the moment they become inconvenient. Love the unlovable! Why, asks the world, what will it benefit me? 

The issue with a worldly love as described is that it is an empty love. Mercenary love isn’t love at all, it is merely an economic exchange.

‘Let love be genuine’ the Scripture states, don’t read this as just one more thing to ‘do’. Don’t turn love into a false display of piety, or a mercenary endeavor, rather it is a matter of fidelity and love for Christ. Do you love Jesus? Then you need to labor in the Spirit to love your brother. The want of love for one another is common, which must be militated against.

Love of the brother is a matter of abiding in Christ.

Loving brothers and sister in Christ will take thoughtful-faithful-effort. Take the time to think about the love of Christ for His people. Take the time to think about how you love your brother in Christ. Take the time to be purposeful about letting love be Romans 12:9–10, “Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.”

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