Posted: March 30, 2016 in Blog, Pastor's Corner
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Being moldable in the hands of The Maker—is a good idea, which goes along with the whole new years resolution idea; and yes three months into 2016 and I’m still talking about resolutions for the Year.

Being moldable clay in the hands of the potter isn’t a bad idea. Being malleable in the makers hand to be made into something awesome, is a great notion. It is common then to bring biblical passages with potter and clay imagery as justification for staying pliable in God’s hands, so that He can, again, make you into something awesome. You know what I mean, being made all Jesusy and what not.

It seems that this common notion leads to a common conclusion, that is, our job is to remain moldable. However the last time I was around a potter, even though I crushed an unbaked cup, which surprises no one, I noticed something important—the clay was inanimate and kept moldable by the potter. Great efforts were taken to keep the clay perfect for making the pottery.

What mustn’t be lost in biblical potter and clay images, is that God in His sovereign might, takes clay and fashions it as He pleases.  Jeremiah 18, uses the pottery imagery as a call to repentance for the people of God. God’s people were not walking God’s covenant by faith. Potter and clay imagery is a warning that God has absolute authority to judge man as He pleases; at other times it is a statement of man’s subservient stance in relation with God.

Even so, the concept of being moldable isn’t without biblical backing, and it is spoken more negatively and in terms of repentance. What will happen to the stiff neck sinner? One who doesn’t respond to the Word of God in repentance? Judgment or sudden brokenness without healing is the result; which sounds like judgment, and sounds like the need to be pliable, or repent, is the superior option. Proverbs 29:1, “He who is often reproved, yet stiffens his neck, will suddenly be broken beyond healing.

Let’s not sugar coat the obvious and what is commanded and warned in the Scriptures. The concept of being moldable is akin to the idea of repentance. Repentance is always in conjunction with faith in Jesus Christ. What happens to hardened and stiff things when they are worked and shaped? They either become moldable and malleable, or they break in a sudden and brittle fashion.

During this Year have you been malleable? Have your resolutions to live or do a certain thing taken shape in your life? Will you allow the Word of the Lord to shape you?  Will you be characterized by repentance and faith in Jesus Christ?

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