Posted: December 1, 2015 in Blog, Pastor's Corner
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Continuing to ask the questions of what & how regarding; missions, our mission, and the work to which God has called his church.

If the first step is to pray and be active, then the next step is to start small. Seems small minded, which doesn’t fit our Cosco, Sam’s Club, bigger is better mentality. Yet if we are faithful with a little bit, then we will be entrusted with even more. This axiom rings true from the time we are children throughout the entirety of our lives. In human relationships it is clear, if we can be entrusted with small things, inevitably we will be entrusted with more.


Think of it this way, when your boss gives you a job to do, he or she will provide a measure of oversight. If you are able to complete the job in a timely, proficient, and excellent manner; the oversight decreases, and your responsibility increases, as a good boss will entrust you with even more. Consider Joseph in Genesis 39-41. Employees will often raise to managerial position through faithful service, even so, one doesn’t simply become a manager over night.

Again, think in terms of your pastor. Would you want him to be someone who just started coming to church? Someone who intermittently reads his bible? One who needs to learn how to pray faithfully? Or even one who has no desire for the souls of men, but simply thinks being in the ministry is good? If you answered yes… Well… I don’t know what to say. But your answer should be no, seeing the necessity of faithful for a pastor with the little, before he could ever move on to bigger things.

Starting small is as simple as being here with the church. Yes, attend and engage is an initial step toward being found faithful in missions. However, this doesn’t mean that it is the last step; showing up and bolting won’t suffice. If one isn’t among the church, then how will they ever be able to find an avenue for missions work? It must be understood that the church is the chosen vehicle for God’s mission.

Please pray, show up, and start small. Maybe there isn’t a specific need being met in our church. Maybe that is because God calling you to start something, or maybe it is his call upon you to help strengthen something. You will never know unless you are in the church and in relationship with the church.  Realize that you cannot just drop in and start something over night. It takes time, dedication, and hours of relationship, and starting small before anything can get off the ground. Read Matthew 25:14-30 and consider what it means to start small.

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