Posted: October 21, 2015 in Blog, Pastor's Corner
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A missionary endeavors to bring the Gospel to the lost. A siworldmapmple enough sentence; one potentially found in the curriculum of a 5th grader. A sentence most people like to read, because of it’s brevity and understandability. Sentences like this allow the reader to get in and get out, all while maintaining presumptuous thoughts. It allows ignorance to remain, without challenge to the reader.


That description of a missionary will be variously perceived. By some, the missionary is one who travels to foreign lands among the heathen. When another reads it, they might think of a special person or family who has dedicated their life to a people group, doing the work of the Gospel. Yet others will think of missionary endeavors on a short-term status. Many will totally land in left field and think of the mormon boys who come wearing suits and ties.

The perceptions of the reader can be numerous. Not that any one of these perceptions are fully wrong, but they all need corrected, modified, and clarified—especially for the church whose very purpose is missional at heart. Genuine missionaries, and legitimately-biblical-missional work must be defined.

In efforts to correct misperceptions regarding missions, to define what the mission of the church, there has been an expansion of the definition for missions to encompass all that Christians do. Missions, being a missionary, or being missional all seem to have melded into a conglomerate of churchy activity. However, if everything is missions, and everyone a missionary, then nothing is missions, and no one is a missionary. Calling someone something doesn’t make it true. Calling me beautiful and light on my feet will never make me a ballerina.

How do yo think about missions? What is the missionary endeavor? What is the missionary’s task? Who is a missionary, and who is on mission?

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