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Posted: July 30, 2015 in Blog, Pastor's Corner
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In more than one place it has been stated that the average attention span of Americans is just a few days. In conversation it might be about thirty seconds; in media, politics, and crisis it is only a matter of a few days before we move on to the next bit of news, which is inevitably followed by spewing moral outrage at the current condition of our country. Even so, the tide rolls on, the masses are sold a succeeding bit of entertainment, as the next disaster arrives on the shore.

Currently Planned parenthood and gay marriage seem to be the great evils of our day, dominating news and thoughts past the average attention span. If media sites, programs, and outlets have their way we will be taken by the next spectacle, as a distraction from previous matters.

These moral issues seem to be relatively constant in view of the public. But I need to ask, are these truly the issue? Are these matters truly the central evil? Are others going to hell because of these things? And is the opposite true, will others go to heaven in opposition to them? Putting it bluntly, is being heterosexual the passage to heaven, while homosexuality is the path to hell? I mean, should we be standing and fighting, as opposed to sitting back and shaking our heads? Should we wage political-cultural war and risk being know for what we oppose rather than for who we follow?

All of this, plus much more, has been haunting the heart of the church. Followers of Christ are inundated by dozens of pundits, bloggers, pastors, and opinion columns spouting the need for action and plausible solutions. Confusion abounds, as even more voices mock the Christian community for its response, demanding they adjust and fall in line, or risk the ridicule of being called unloving.

So what do we do? The ever so common phrase of theological liberals, “all things are spiritual,” justifying the celebration of these things seems to satisfy some. Some insist that we cannot fall under the criticism of being unloving, and thus loving others in the way they see fit, and not according to God’s definition of love. Then there is the option of making all out war upon those in favor of these political hot topics. These seem to be our only options.

Even so, along with others, I say there is another way. First, let’s not redefine anything according to cultural standards. I mean, let’s not give new meaning to love, spirituality, marriage, and truth even though the culture has been doing this for years.

Second, let’s not confuse the fruit with the root. As heinous as many of these polarizing issues are, they will not be what sends people to hell. They are merely the fruit of what is truly the problem. The root of these issues, and what will truly send people to hell, including the morally upright, is unrepentant hearts of self-righteousness. Clinging one’s own ability to please God, thereby forgetting God, is truly the greatest evil; which manifest itself in all manner of wicked behavior. We can be right on all moral causes, but if we’ve forgotten God we are guilty of great evil, which is the greatest evil we are to war against.

The solution is simple, but not easy. Preach the Gospel of God, preach the  Word of God. Do so in winsome, powerful, constant, and culturally connected ways. Do so, not as a ‘preacher’, but as a follower of Jesus Christ. Teach people about the gospel of God in Christ Jesus. Seek to undo the cultural misconceptions of gospel, love, marriage, spirituality, grace, and truth through the living and active Word of God. And when they despise and reject followers of Christ for such behavior, “do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you.”           1 Peter 4:12

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