Crouching Sin, Hidden Desire 

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Pastor's Corner
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Genesis 4:7 “…sin is crouching at the door. Its desire is for you, but you must rule over it.”

Sin wants to rule over man, making us captives. It is crouching and waiting to pounce upon every passerby, subjecting us to its cruel dominion. Like a legendary kung fu epic of the battle between good and evil, minus all the Eastern spiritualism. The lie of our flesh, the world, and the enemy veils sin’s desire to reign over it subjects with cruel hatred. In the words of John Owen, you must be killing sin, or it will be killing you.

Thanks be to God, through Jesus Christ the Lord, He has set free from sin and death any who believe in His name. The Scriptures teach sin reigning in death over people, as a cruel despot, and it is only by Christ that anyone can die to sin and live to Christ. Sin rules over people, mastering them, and until they come to serve another master, sin is their master. (Romans 6:7-23)

The personification of sin seems a little odd. Nevertheless, in the epic embodiment of sin, it appears to be more than something people do, but rather it is a cruel master that would rule over people, only paying out the wages of sin and death. Master Sin pays wages poorly and its only desire appears to be as a pouncing tiger. Ridiculous? I don’t think so, the fruit of tutelage under master sin is only shame and death—sin is an unrelenting master who pays out the only wage man deserves.

The Christian needs to actively recognize the dire significance of indwelling sin in their life and actively seek to put that sin to death. Romans chapters 6-8 are well worth the time to study in helping followers of Christ realize the continuance in sin is not an option. By faith in Jesus Christ we must actively seek to mortify indwelling sin. Subduing sin in the life of the Jesus follower is to no longer submit to the yoke of slavery that once bound us in the chains of death. Jesus has conquered sin and death, therefore we need to live life in Christ as we are—free from sin. By faith in Christ Jesus it is clear that He doesn’t pay us our due, but gives us the free gift of life in Himself.

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