Bugs Bunny & The Purpose of Life

Posted: March 5, 2015 in Blog, Pastor's Corner
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Bugs Bunny is an iconic symbol of my early childhood. Even so, I still sit down to watch a rabbit that is older, and sometimes wiser, than I. Before Bugs became a sell out, or  a marketing gimmick, he had a purpose. He stood up for the little guy, he often fought for his life in whimsical and overtly confident ways, displaying that even a feeble rabbit could overcome great difficulty.

At times Bug Bunny would engage comedically with greater issues of life, love, and happiness. One particular episode I remember watching, the rascally rabbit was propped up in his hole, then looking to the viewers asked, ‘what is the purpose of it all?’ It wasn’t quite as serious as it sounds, but you see, in cartoon-land the repetitious plot of villain & hero was monotonously  played over and again with the hero always coming out on top. So, even with a valiant purpose, which child and adult alike could rally behind, the rabbit found a futility to life.

Bug Bunny seemed to be tired of always coming out on top. Even a cartoon who had it all, found a futile lack of satisfaction in constantly getting his own way. If you think I’ve totally lost my mind in thinking of the philosophical waxing of a cartoon rabbit, you might be right. Or I might just be immature. Nevertheless, I cannot help but think this reflected the cartoonists own view of life, and subsequently many who have resonated in like manner with our beloved cartoon. Identifying with purposeless futility, much like this meme depicts with humorous expression of shallow-purpose, is not too far from most peoples reality.


Life has many purposes. The sentiment of not trying because it all ends in death only shows a substantive lack of enduring-purpose. What is mankind’s purpose? Do we exist for more than mere existence? The simple answer is, we do exist for more than subsistence. Man’s purpose is much greater than can be imagined. Let’s begin to think about the purpose of humanity in this world.

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