Pastor’s Corner 8-17-14

Posted: August 15, 2014 in Pastor's Corner
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A thirteen day absence has evidenced my fondness of heart for the church in Thermopolis, Wyoming. When rolling back into town Wednesday night I found myself eager to meet with the church and fellowship with the saints once more.

Another realization came to mind as I returned–the bitter sweet reality of leaving behind a church in Indiana for whom I possess great affection. In my heart of hearts I rejoice in God’s merciful goodness to ordain the continuance of this relationship; and that God has given us this cooperative relationship with a church fourteen hundred miles away for the good of his body and glory of his name.

Thank you, to everyone who supported this mission financially and prayerfully. Thank you, to those who went on the trip and served another local body. Thank you, for allowing me, your pastor, the freedom to labor in my calling outside the walls of our building.

Our time in Indiana was fruitful in spite of Sydney’s broken arm. God was good and Sydney is a tough little girl. By God’s glorious grace, we were able to serve Calvary Baptist Church in a way that will facilitate gospel growth. Pray for Calvary Baptist Church. Pray that the fame of Jesus’ name will grow because of that blessed little gathering of saints.

If you have the time please watch the sermon from Kevin Dickey. He is a great teacher who has a tremendous heart for the Lord Jesus and his beloved bride, the church.

God Bless!

Pastor Brian

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