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Posted: July 24, 2014 in Pastor's Corner
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Aristotle is quoted as saying that “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” I’m not sure what that means. Eva Gabor stated that love is, “A game that two can play and both win.” Again, I’m not sure what in the world she intended in this statement. It seems that love is confused by some and misunderstood by most. When peering at the landscape of love in culture it is very confusing. This is not a recent thing. The ages have confused love, not just ours.

Aristotle, Eva Gabor, Bono, Gandhi, and even Friedrich Nietzsche had their opinions on love expressed for the masses to absorb—these plus numerous others. A great multitude of these expressions are as conflicted as Nietzsche, who believed that love is blind and that friendship closes its eyes. Love confused Nietzsche—he feared it as much as he longed for it.

As poetic, and Facebook postable, as some of these quotes might be they are nothing more than a product of emotive-opinion, cultural precepts, and personal baggage. Each person referenced here has shown their pursuit of love to be in something and someone other than the one true God; and God is love. If we are not running to the one who is in part defined by genuine love, how are we ever to comprehend love? Love apart from God is confused and in the dark.

My hope is that we will grasp hold of true love. Not “true love” as depicted by dead philosophers, movie stars, religious gurus, and rock stars; but genuine-God-given-biblical-love. This Sunday morning the passage for the sermon will be Colossians 3:12-17, where we are admonished to put on love. By God’s grace may we understand what it means to cloth ourselves with love. I look forward to Sunday morning as we gather in the name of Jesus Christ to worship as a church.

God Bless!

Pastor Brian

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