Pastor’s Corner–Grace

Posted: July 17, 2014 in Pastor's Corner

We read about grace. We speak about grace. We even name our children Grace. This word is ever present, peppering christian lingo like pepper on a tomato toasty made at my mom’s house—it’s everywhere. Nevertheless, the import and essence of this word seems to be in short supply in the environments of our work, our homes, and even our church. I’m not levying a criticism that we are a bunch of graceless & merciless people. I am stating that grace is at times in short supply, demonstrating a genuine misapprehension of grace.

Why? Why is grace lacking among those who have received grace in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ? The simplest answer is that we don’t fully apprehend the scandalous and magnificent reality of grace. I am at the helm of this misunderstanding. Which isn’t to say we don’t know Jesus. It is to say that we all have growing to do.

For genuine grace to be the environmental characteristic of our homes, our work, and the church—we must be willing to give what others will not give. This my friends, is as countercultural as it comes. The economy of our communities is to give people what we feel we owe them or what we feel their behavior deserves. In turn we insulate ourselves from others so that we do not have to give them grace, but we exact justice from afar. We avoid difficult people, we dodge those who are going to cost us something, or we simply ostracize those with whom we are not comfortable. Avoidance of conflict in this manner is why churches end up being filled with people who are all the same. Secular organizations do the exact same thing. We are called to be different. We are called to give grace.

I’m not advocating conflict for its own sake. Nor am I wanting us to be a squabbling group of people. In the end, the Word doesn’t say that we will be known by our commonality in the world and our ability to be the same. The beauty of the gospel is evident when people of different races, backgrounds, economic statuses, and manners of thinking come together in the name of Jesus Christ, finding commonality at the cross, worshiping God in spite of differences, loving one another in the name of Jesus Christ, all the while cultivating environments of grace in Christ Jesus.

May grace truly define our environments, as we cling to Jesus Christ the author and perfecter of our faith, who qualifies us and transforms us in him to display his greatness in the town of Thermopolis, WY.

God Bless, Pastor Brian

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