The Apprehension of Youth

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Blog
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Recently I watched a rant by Craig Ferguson regarding what he called the ‘deification of youth.’ His comedic delivery was timely and edgy, (I would put a link here, but the video has been removed). It seems that the target of his rant was the very people in the audience. However, as George Carlin’s sarcastic and caustic attacks evidence, an audience doesn’t always apprehend that the speaker is referring to them. Often the audience laughs, laughing at what they themselves are guilty participants in, for which I am no exception.

The deification of youth, and the wisdom of youth is a real thing in culture. With youth there are many great things, and while wisdom is not guaranteed because of being old, we must not assume that wisdom comes with youth. Yet it seems that we live in a culture that devalues the wisdom of the ages and aggrandizes the youth experience.

All of which led me to contemplate The Apprehension of Youth. In other words, how the young comprehend or perceive themselves and what is real. I assert that there is often a misapprehension that comes with youth. As a young man I felt as if I had it all figured out. How ever so faint were the words of my dad ringing in my head. His words reminded me that I was only a boy who had not yet matured into manhood. My dad taught me that only time and God could give me experience and wisdom. I listened very poorly misapprehending reality and even myself. Our media driven culture down plays and even mocks this idea.

Looking back upon when I officially became a man it seemed as if I had arrived. I figured simple assertions of my manhood would prove my wisdom, by getting a job, getting marriage, and having children showing my awesomeness. I now realize how little I truly apprehended regarding reality and myself. My foolishness ran before me and trailed behind me for all to see. Looking back chastens my proud heart causing me to reflect upon what I now apprehend. In some ways, irrespective of holding a man card, which is debatable if I am even worthy for such a card, I feel as though I am ensnared in the misapprehension of my youth.

Nevertheless, what is apprehended now I grasp with an iron fist, humbly and honestly accepting what is unknown, while doggedly seeking what is to be known. Looking for the wisdom of the ages in the experienced and wise is not as simple as finding an old person and pulling up a chair, though this might teach you many things that would never be known otherwise. Listen, learn, and don’t be so quick to run past the warrior of the past who might show us yet a better way.

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