Posted: December 7, 2012 in Blog
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Mankind’s issue is not that we want too much; it is that we don’t want enough. This idea is not original; it first crossed my radar while reading a book by John Piper. We desire subservient things, which always leave us wanting. Lies draw us away from God, bearing promises of satisfaction. Deception constantly ensnares her victims. Man desires and yearns as a part of who we are, but we are enticed away from what is truly satisfying, Jesus Christ.

Deception enters the room breathing falsity, speaking of what is most satisfying, with omissions of intent. The worst falsehood of deception is the promise to be led to what is most important, although in reality we are led away as an ox goes to the slaughter. In our journey we believe that the essence of life is found in these transient things, which are passed as absolute necessity. But we are caught fast if we do not follow the truth.

The truth is that Jesus Christ is the way, and the truth, and the life, no one shall be ultimately satisfied unless they follow him. Man follows what he desires. God created us to desire, and to perfectly desire the perfect one. Humanity desires the subservient and rebels against the supreme and all satisfying one, Jesus Christ. Come to the well and drink of the One whom will never leave you wanting. Desire and follow Jesus Christ.

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