Depths of Depravity–Come Lord Jesus!

Posted: October 16, 2011 in Blog
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I am always amazed at how sinful I really am. From a theological stand point I’m not surprised, but from an experiential standpoint I stand amazed that I am still very sinful. I am a wicked man in perpetual need of Jesus.

To set your mind at ease—I have not committed any acts of murder, adultery, thievery, or out any out-n-out idol worship, just to name a few. Morally speaking, I am rather good by societal standards. However, therein lies my problem. Not that being an immoral or amoral person is my suggestion, but because of my external morality, I begin to think too highly of myself and I lose sight of genuine godliness. Please refrain from any piercing comments of agreement.

The point is—my flesh continues to be the flesh. I continue to find my heart thinking and feeling things that I do not want to think or feel. These thoughts and feelings render me guilty as charged as a transgressor of all the commandments. In this continued wretched state I am tempted to act in these vile ways. My heart’s cry is for my Lord Jesus to come, while my flesh is still seeking self-gratification.

When I became a pastor, I half expected maturing in faith to be without struggle, as if in some mystical way I would become a ‘super-saint’ who is impervious to the temptations of sin. Yet somehow I have never reached that ‘super-saint’ category whereby I’m no longer tempted to love the world and the things in the world more than my Savior Jesus. Sad to say, I am continually tempted to love the world more than Jesus.

All of this drives me to give and receive Scriptural counsel. The counsel is to cast your self upon Jesus, to consider Christ, to trust in Jesus fully and constantly. I hope that Jesus can be seen by me and you, as the all-surpassing treasure who would incite us to sell all of our possessions to acquire Him. This is not only a call to those who do not believe in Jesus, but it is a call to those who do place, and continue to place, their faith in our Savior King.

Also, this drives me to desire the fulfillment of the mission Jesus has given to His Church, which is worldwide spread of the gospel of the kingdom. Matthew 24:14 teaches that when the gospel of the kingdom is proclaimed throughout the world, as a testimony to the nations, then the end will come. Therefore, if I hate sin, my sin, and love Jesus, wanting to see him come, then I will desire the completion of the task that precedes His coming. If I long for Jesus to come and consummate the end of the age, if I long to be out of this imperfect and perishing body, if I want to be with the ransomed church of God to sin no more, then I will seek to hasten the day (2 Peter 3:11-13). In seeking God’s face, and fulfilling my appointed role, as a herald of the gospel of the kingdom I hope to be a part of ushering in the coming of our Lord. Do you have this desire? Come Lord Jesus, AMEN!

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