Posted: September 16, 2011 in Blog

Life has a become very busy recently. I tend toward having seasons of extreme busyness, where my entire goal becomes digging out from underneath the tasks that make me so busy. It is as though I have never gotten out of a cyclical college routine. What I mean is that in college there is always an external cycle of change that is teeming with activity. Semester is either starting or finishing, both are frantic; the athlete is in either pre-, in-, post-, or off-season, again just as hectic. The cycle seems never ending with a constant build up and let down of work.

This collegiate cycle of change seemed to promote, if not force, a constant evaluation of life in regard to how one is living. I know this was true for me during the college years as well as many others. However, much of that change could be seen as the product of external factors that force one to adapt to circumstance. Genuine growth is then catapulted upon graduation as a new phase of life begins and new circumstances are encountered. Nevertheless, this doesn’t last long, for when people leave college they eventually end up in routines that facilitate staleness and actually work against any real change.

No significant insight is had by this author, as exceptions to what has just been written are numerous. I guess the point I want to make is that change needs to come from the outside, but not as a result of circumstance. If our change comes as the result of external factors, other than God, the possibilities of negative revision are immense. So, if any genuine change with eternal significance is going to come, it must be in union with the one who sanctifies–Jesus Christ our Lord.

Although the cyclical college routine has seemingly absorbed into my DNA, I simply view this pattern of life as a circumstance given by God that he uses for his glory and my sanctification in union with Christ.

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